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Why Easter Clues Are More Than Just Fun....

Why Easter Clues Are More Than Just Fun....

5 ways Easter clues help child development and a free printable for indoor clues

Children's second favourite time of year!

Easter. It's a legit time to enjoy delicious treats, colourful decorations, and exciting Easter egg hunts.

While traditional Easter egg hunts can be lots of fun, Easter clues can add an extra layer of excitement and developmentally beneficial learning for children.

So why should you consider giving your children Easter clues instead of just hiding eggs for them to find?

Let's explore some of the benefits....

Promotes problem-solving skills

When kids are given Easter clues, they need to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to figure out where to find the next clue or Easter egg. This can be especially beneficial for older children who are looking for more challenging activities.


Easter indoor clues

Encourages teamwork and collaboration

If you have multiple children, giving them Easter clues can encourage them to work together and collaborate. This can be a great way to promote teamwork and build stronger sibling relationships (and we all need that!)

Easter bunny indoor easter hunt clues

Enhances language and literacy skills

For younger children who cannot read yet, Easter clues can be a great way to introduce them to new vocabulary and concepts. You or an older sibling can read the clues aloud, helping them to develop their language and literacy skills.

Easter Sheep clues

Provides opportunities for physical activity

Easter egg hunts often involve running around and searching for hidden eggs. By adding Easter clues, children need to move around even more to find each clue. This provides opportunities for physical activity and exercise, which is always a plus.

Easter chick kids easter clues

Adds excitement and anticipation

Kids love the thrill of the hunt, and Easter clues can add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation. As children search for each clue, they get more and more excited about what they might find next.


Traditionally Easter hunts are an outside activity...this is great if you live in a country that is mostly dry around Easter, here in Zurich I think the odds of a dry Easter sunday are about 50/50.  Also 66% of families in Switzerland live in apartments without access to a garden, so it can be challenging to organise an Easter egg hunt....

That's why I've created a free printable with INDOOR Easter clues!!

Indoor easter hunt clues


This is a great solution for families who want to enjoy an Easter hunt but don't have a garden or outdoor space available.

Incorporating Easter clues into your family's Easter activities can be an excellent way to promote problem-solving skills, encourage teamwork, enhance language and literacy skills, provide opportunities for physical activity, and add excitement and anticipation to the holiday. Whether you have younger children who can't read yet or older children looking for a more challenging activity, indoor Easter clues can be a fun and beneficial addition to your family's Easter celebrations :-)

Easter basket clues