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  • The May Kids Craft Box is Enchanted and is available NOW!

The Pet Box

  • SFr. 59.50


(Bumper Box with 6 CRAFTS!)

Discover the Circus with your little ones through craft, colouring and games.

This month there are 6 crafts:

  • Dog Kennel
  • Dog
  • Cat and cat pole
  • Doggy bones
  • Bird
  • Guinea Pig 

TWO games:

  • Guess Who
  • Colourful symmetry 

Activity booklet:

  • Xray match
  • Pets and their beds
  • crossword
  • vet check
  • puppy adoption certificate 
  • Goldfish bowl craft
  • Cut and colour cat
  • and more..

Parent Guide:

Explanation of the learning targets of each craft, materials needed and links to the tutorials.

SAFETY WARNING: All activities must be supervised by an adult. Some products may present choking hazards. Use your judgement based on your child’s age, development and abilities to decide if the activities, crafts, games are appropriate for your child. Not for children under 3 years of age.

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