About Loubiblu

*Do you feel underwhelmed when you craft with your kids?
 *Would you like to spend more time connecting with your child at craft time rather than preparing and clearing up..?
 *and would you actually like your child to finish the craft?                    (without you finishing it for them ;-)



If you answered yes to any above, then the crafts at Loubiblu may just be the thing your looking for!

For ages, I thought I didn't enjoy crafting with my kids  - 'can we craft mummy' was always greeted half heartedly and to be honest made me feel a little guilty.

I'd often try and re-direct them with an offer to go to the park, or play a game. If they insisted then I would dutifully get an idea from Pinterest and it would more often than not end up with me sitting alone at a messy table finishing off what ever it was they'd lost interest in. 

It didnt make me feel good at all. 

And then one day I had an idea.....


I was going away with my girlfriends leaving my husband in charge of the kids. It was rainy and cold with not a lot to do, I knew he hated mess of any kind, so crafting for him was way down the list but on a cold winter weekend it was something the kids would want....

So I came up with an idea to prepare some craft kits for the kids that didnt require preparation, no glue, no scissors and minimal mess - just colouring pens.

It was a huge success and I was gifted the colourful creations and stories about their crafting time with Daddy, he was happy because it was a lot less hassle than he expected and (the best bit) he enjoyed doing it with them!


And so Loubiblu began, since then I have refined and improved my designs keeping them 'fuss free' no glue and no scissors so you have more time to enjoy a creative connection with your children without the hassle of preparation and the dread of clearing up.

  This is me, my name is Stephanie and I am a mum to three children living in Zurich Switzerland.

My previous job as a designer has taken me all over the world from London to Milan to Sydney and now we have eventually settled in Switzerland.

My life is as hectic as you can imagine with 3 kids, a dog, cat and a husband permanently working from home (please go back to the office!!) so I find absolute joy working on new designs in my home studio, always keeping you guys in mind trying to give you craft kits that your kids will love and always, always  important to me -  takes some stress away from you, so you can enjoy some creative connection with your children.


Here's a picture of me and some lovely friends enjoying a (hot) cup of coffee with all our kids, 4, 7, 8 and 10 - happily entertained with Loubiblu kits!

- obviously there was cake involved too, cause what's a playdate without cake ;-)