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Dinosaur sticker pack

  • SFr. 8.00

This is a cute set of large Dinosaur stickers, featuring the 4 big favorites!

T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops!

These make a great gift for dino fans. Make the stickers into a story, draw a background and stick them on!

Or they can be stuck on notebooks, sketchbooks, or even a laptop.

These are LARGE stickers ranging from 12.5cm tall and 12cm wide!
(below are measurements for each one)
Each sticker is stepped back to so little fingers can easily peel off the stickers (without help!)

What you get:

♥︎ T- Rex - 10cm x 9.5cm
♥︎ Brontosaurus - x 11cm
♥︎ Stegosaurus - 11.5cm x 7cm
♥︎ Triceratops - 9.5cm x 6cm
♥︎ X2 Dino eggs - 4cm x 4.5cm
♥︎ Palm Tree - 7.5cm x 7cm
♥︎ Mountains - 5cm x 4cm

Material: Digitally printed onto heavyweight gloss vinyl using UV stable, and weatherproof inks. The acrylic adhesive has a residue-free removal. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.