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Festive Animals Garland

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All the Christmas animals in one place with this fun and festive garland.

This is an excellent craft for all the family to get involved with, even those that think they are too old for colouring!! 

A lovely for decoration for a wall or a door, some characters need lots of colour and some don't need much at al! its also a great craft to do on the run up to Christmas when you want to do something christmasy but don't want to spend hours each day on one a big project!


1 Fox
1 Penguin
1 Polar bear
1 Reindeer
1 Racoon
1 Squirrels 
2 Candy canes
4 Holly
2m Twine



Colour each character and then thread them onto your twine in which ever order you like. You can even split them into two garlands!


300gsm printed card 
Cotton Twine

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