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Robot Craft Kit

  • SFr. 12.00

Is your child  fascinated with the robots?  Im not surprised! With the future of the world becoming more robotic its no wonder little ones imaginations are running riot with ideas!

This is a super cool robot, can inspire the craziest of imaginations with a moving antenna, a moving dial on the tummy, what could the dials do? a great little craft craft for making conversation and letting your child tell you stories :-)

Its a great little figure to colour in and use in creative play. 

Kit contains:

♥︎ Robot body with rivet -colour varies, 
♥︎ Arms, legs, antenna and radar arrow - Pre-cut.
♥︎ 6 Split pins - colours will be mixed
♥︎ Hanging Twine
♥︎ 15 multicoloured stick- on gems.
♥︎ Instructions on the back.

How to:
Colour the Robot any way you want, with felt tips, crayons, pencils wherever your creativity takes you. After you have finished colouring you can hang your masterpiece and enjoy!


Material: 300gsm white card