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The Mythical craft box

  • SFr. 59.50

 Discover the ultimate solution for crafty kids with the Loubiblu Craft Box   

Say goodbye to the hassle of shopping for craft supplies, because everything you need is included in the box.

Each craft is designed to look amazing, but simple enough for kids to complete without too much help, videos links to the crafts are also included for kids to get a little help if they like.

Enjoy limitless imagination with our hassle-free Loubiblu Box and say goodbye to planning and stress as we take care of everything. Allowing your children to fully indulge in the excitement and wonder of crafting.


Discover the world of Wizards  and Dragons with your little ones through craft, colouring and games.

In this box there are 5 crafts:

  • Castle Craft
  • Knight
  • Dragon
  • Wizard booklet
  • Paper serpent

TWO games:

  • Potion experiment
  • Catapult

Activity booklet:

  • Design your own mythical characters
  • Wizards secret code
  • Anatomy of a dragon
  • Spot and find
  • draw your own Dragon
  • Colouring  and more..

Parent Guide:

Explanation of the learning targets of each craft, materials needed (tape, glue or scissors) and links to the tutorials.


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