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Bat Halloween craft

  • SFr. 12.00

Halloween Bat colouring craft

This would be perfect for Halloween! a treat to save you from getting tricked! 

Let your kids explore their creativity with this spooky bat colouring craft, and make the most of the spookiest month of the year before it passes you by!

This kit contains 2 bats, one with moving wings and one which can stand up.


♥︎ Large Bat body
♥︎ 2 Bat wings
♥︎ 1 Split pin - colours will be mixed
♥︎ 1 small bat with a stand to attach.
♥︎ Butchers Twine
♥︎ 15 multi coloured stick- on gems.
♥︎ Instructions on the back.

300gsm white card