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Christmas Friends craft kit

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Christmas Animals Craft Kit

Racoon, Deer and a Polar Bear

This is a perfect advent craft for a creative child, that needs little or no interaction from an adult!

The Animals can stand by themselves or you can pin them on the wall.

They can be used as table settings for Christmas lunch or New Year's day, they are also perfect for those very early Christmas mornings when you need five minutes to have a coffee before the day starts!


Racoon - Pre-cut. 
Deer- Pre-cut.
Polar Bear
Blank banner with double-sided sticky tabs
3 Stands


Colour in the Animals any way you want, with felt tips, crayons, pencils wherever your creativity takes you. After you have coloured them, stick on the little paper stand to the back. Now you and write a name or a greeting on the banners and stick them on using the sticky squares. 

300gsm printed card