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Christmas Cracker Card

  • SFr. 10.00

 Christmas Cracker Cards craft!

This is a great advent craft idea, all you need for a lovely handmade card.

Perfect for crafty kids that want to show off their colouring crafting skills. 

With just enough amount of DIY  to feel like they have made it themselves and but not too much that you have to get involved :-)

Comes with a white envelope ready to send to loved ones-

2 bows
Silver Disk
Sticky tabs

First colour in the cracker, bows, Santa and frame.
Peel off the sticky tape on the back of silver disk and stick that down in the middle of the frame.
Next using a sticky square stick the santa on top, then the whole frame onto the middle of the cracker with a sticky square.
Finally stick on the bows to the ends of the cracker and bend the end up.



300gsm printed card