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Cookie house kit

  • SFr. 20.00

Cookie house boxes - perfect for gifting home bakes for your favourite people!

This is more for adults than kids - that's to say its really really simple! There is no colouring involved just sticking the pieces together to make the box, leaving you lots of time for baking or making the treats inside!

These cookie houses make really thoughtful gifts for teachers, the Postie, the neighbours etc. Making even the most simple of gifts look really special.

Available in TWO sizes!!

Please make sure you select the size and quantity you would like.

Small - is  roughly 10.5cm x 4.5cm tall and can fit around 7 large chocolate treats, or 6 Kinder sticks (because obviously we measure in Chocolate here at Loubiblu!)

Large - as seen in the picture is 15 x10cm tall and can fit a large chocolate Santa and a cookie mix recipe.


This Cookie house Kit contains:

♥︎ The cookie house (quantity of choice)- Pre-cut.
♥︎ 10 pre cut details to be stuck on
♥︎ Sticky squares for attaching the details
♥︎ Snowman Tag
♥︎ Envelope tag fro writing a message
♥︎ Ribbon


Double sided stick tape is already applied to the sides and bottom flaps of the houses.
First stick the sides together, then fold in the large flap without tape, the smaller side flaps to that, finishing with larger flap.
Next using the sticky squares match up the details and stick on.
Done! Now you can fill them with goodies for gifts!