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Cupcake Cards

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Who's up for an Ice cream or cupcake party?

This is a very popular party theme for little ones and these cards are the perfect activity to get the ideas flowing - what’s your favorite cupcake flavour? what would you decorate your ice cream Sunday with?

Get them talking and thinking about all the possibilities whilst they practice their fine motor skills and expand their ability to focus!

This set comes with 3 cards:

2 cupcakes, and an Ice cream Sunday with sticky hearts and stars.  
Plus sparkle stick on Gems too!

No scissors and no glue are needed just colouring pens and imagination!


Kit contains:

♥︎ Ice cream cup card 15cm tall
♥︎ Flower cupcake 15cm tall
♥︎ Star cupcake 14cm tall
♥︎ 5 mini stars with glue dots
♥︎ 5 mini hearts with glue dots
♥︎ Card stands x3
♥︎ 15 multicoloured stick-on gems x3
♥︎ Instructions on the back.



Colour in the cards any way you want, with felt tips, crayons, pencils wherever your creativity takes you. After you have coloured you can write a note on the card stand then stick it to the back so you can stand the card up.

Material: 300gsm White Card

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