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Digi Alien

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Unleash your child's imagination and captivate their interest in the universe

 and beyond with our fun and easy alien paper craft printable!

Perfect for little outer space explorers at home, this printable craft is designed to amaze and intrigue kids who love space and UFOs.

Simply print out the pages, cut out the pieces, and follow the instructions to create a colourful and unique alien.

This craft is perfect for parties, rainy days, or any time your child wants to get creative and explore the mysteries of the cosmos. Download now and let the fun begin!"


1x Alien template
1 x Instruction sheet
1 x Alien colouring scene

Supplies needed:
Colouring pens
Split pins - ideally if not you can glue or tape the pieces together

You will need 4 split pins/brads to complete this craft.
Print on heavy weight white card for the best results.


Files will be sent as a PDF

Personal use ONLY. Not for re-sale either physically or digitally.

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