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Monster Craft Kit

  • SFr. 12.00

A monster craft for your little creative monster! These two cheeky chaps make a perfect little activity for those who love everything Space inspired!

The monster duo can help younger children with exploring lots of different shapes and patterns, and older children, to get creative with colour combinations to reflect their monsters personality!

This is a very simple - but creative kit that will keep kids entertained.
No scissors or glue are required!


The only extra you need are colouring pens or pencils, leaving you confident that craft time can be stress-free and full of fun.

Kit contains:

♥︎ Each craft comes in a self-sealed plastic envelope with paper instructions.
♥︎ 2 monster bodies with legs and arms - pre-cut
♥︎ 7 split pins (colour and shape vary)
♥︎ 2 stands with double-sided tape.
♥︎ 15 multicoloured stick-on gems.
♥︎ Instructions on the back.

How to:
Colour in the Monsters any way you want, with felt tips, crayons, pencils wherever your creativity takes you, then attach their legs and arms with the slpit pins (provided)
Then attach the paper stands to the back so you can stand your masterpiece up and enjoy!


Material: 300gsm White Card

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My son loved coloring and putting together these adorable monsters!