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Digi Monsters

  • SFr. 4.00

Unleash your creativity with these exciting, printable monster crafts!

Each instantly download is bursting with two adorable, friendly monsters waiting to be brought to life by your imagination.

Not only is this craft a blast to create, but it's also a fantastic way to improve fine motor skills through cutting and coloring. These little monsters are perfect for encouraging storytelling and unleashing their imagination, making it a fun-filled activity for all ages.

One monster has moving arms and head, and the other, moving legs, the possibilities for fun are endless!

Don't wait, download now and start crafting your very own lovable monsters!

2 x Monster templates
2 x Instruction sheets

Supplies needed:
Colouring pens
Split pins - ideally if not you can glue or tape the pieces together

You will need 7 split pins/brads to complete this craft.
Print on heavy weight white card for the best results.


Files will be sent as a PDF

Personal use ONLY. Not for re-sale either physically or digitally.

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