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Owl Craft kit

  • SFr. 12.00

This is a perfect easy owl craft for Owl loving kids!

Get creatively wise with colours and patterns bringing your owl to life!

A simple craft but with lots of detail to keep kids entertained. Moving wings and legs makes this more than just colouring-in and is easy enough that you can take break at the same time!

This Little Owl comes pre-cut and split pin holes ready-made.
Included are some multi-coloured stick-on gems to really make your special!

There is also a rivet on the body, for a length of twine so you can hang your masterpiece if you wish.


♥︎ Each craft comes in a self-sealed plastic envelope with paper instructions. 
♥︎ Owl Body with a rivet (colour varies), Wings, and feet - Pre-cut.
♥︎ 4 Split pins - colours will be mixed
♥︎ Butchers Twine
♥︎ 15 multicoloured stick- on gems.
♥︎ Instructions on the back.

How to:

Colour in the Owl any way you want, with felt tips, crayons, pencils wherever your creativity takes you.
After you have coloured the Owl you can begin to fit the wings and attach the feet. Each one is attached with a split pin/brad through the pre-cut holes. 

Materials: 300gsm White card